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Iasi, 25-29 aprilie, Casa de Cultura “Mihai Ursachi”

Documentary Festival “Why Democracy?” in Iasi

After the projections in Chisinau (April 19 to 21), Expert Forum, British Council and Pro Democracy Association, in partnership with the Cultural Institute “Michael Ursachi” Documentary Film Festival, organize the WHY DEMOCRACY? festival in Iasi, April 25-29.

The films in the festival are part of a large international project and are made by independent filmmakers awarded at renowned film festivals. The documentaries cover a broad range of topics: torture in American prisons, democratic election of a head of school class in communist China, the scandal in the Muslim community caused by some Danish cartoons, etc..

During the festival, every day there will be two documentaries on topics related to human rights and the importance of democracy, and two short films. The screenings will be broadcasted between 17.00 and 20.00, and access is free.

All films are in English, not subtitled in Romanian.


April 25: “Please vote for me” (5.00 pm), “Egypt, we are watching you” (6.15 pm)
April 26: “Taxi to the Dark Side” (5.00 pm), “For God, Tsar and Fatherland” (6.15 pm)
April 27: “Looking for the Revolution” (5.00 pm), “Bloody Cartoons” (6.15 pm)
April 28: “In Search of Gandhi” (5.00 pm), “Iron Ladies of Liberia” (6.15 pm)
April 29: “Dinner with the President” (5.00 pm), Short Films
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