Report + database

Parties, elections and local government in Romania. The database of local elected officials and women’s participation in local politics

  The 2020-2024 local political cycle is one year away and the authorities have yet to create a public database of over 46,000 local elected representatives, as they should. This would not only be a sign of transparency and a useful tool for the media and analysts, but would also allow checks on the extent ···

Analysis report

Subsidies for political parties: The European experience and the situation in Romania

This research has the purpose of analysing different models of allocation of state subsidies across the EU member states and some other European states and to provide a more in-depth analysis of the Romanian model and its issues. The structure of the report aims to answer key questions regarding the approval, allocation, expenditure, management, transparency ···

Emergency for the authorities

The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania

Caught between regulations interpreted inconsistently across the territory, difficult access to services and institutions which are inefficient even for the Romanian citizens, the Ukrainian refugees struggle to cope with change and are worried about what is coming after September. The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania. EFOR summarizes in this report the problems faced by ···