Expert Forum: 177 data operators in local elections, also candidates

Expert Forum representative Septimius Parvu pointed out on Monday that in the local elections this year there were several irregularities, among which the fact that 177 data operators with the polling stations also ran in the elections.

Expert Forum presented Monday a report on the 2016 local elections, in the context in which the law regulating these elections was modified one year ago.

“The elections law was modified, many good things happened. For instance, the electoral experts’ body was established, which is a step forward in the direction of making the electoral administration professional; the fact that parties with three members can be established is another step forward, but there have also been irregularities that we have found in practice. One of the negative aspects is referring to the polling station data operators, those who were in charge with the information system, who scanned the IDs upon the entrance to the polling station. An abnormal issue is that 177 of them were also candidates in the constituencies where they operated, which reveals some sort of conflict of interest — to be a candidate and to scan IDs. There should have been an incompatibility related to the candidates. From the cases reported to us, operators counted ballots and I wouldn’t want a candidate to count paper ballots,” Septimius Parvu told the event on the report presentation, which took place at Humanitas Library in Bucharest.

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