Risk Measurement in Vulnerable Economic Sectors in Europe

SCEMAPS: State Capture Deconstructed

The current policy environment is particularly favourably disposed towards strengthening the European Union’s response to state capture vulnerabilities. In 2020 the EU introduced a range of new initiatives, including the European Rule of Law Mechanism, the European Democracy Action Plan, and a ew Security Strategy with a strong focus on anti-corruption. The report complements previous ···

SCEMAPS: While over 60% of criminal networks use state capture practices, preventive tools as SceMaps proved essential to tackle corruption  

The team leader for Anti-Corruption at the EU Commission Directorate-General of Migration and Home Affairs, Dr. Anitta M. Hipper, acknowledged the importance of having mechanisms to spot state capture, a subtle form of corruption, used by “over 60% of criminal networks” “Bulgaria is the country where the institutional environment is most vulnerable to state capture”, ···

Policy report

SCEMAPS: Assessing State Capture Vulnerabilities at the Sectoral Level

This report outlines the findings from the pilot implementation of two integrated innovative monitoring methodologies: an index-based expert assessment of state capture pressure and vulnerabilities on sectoral level and an analysis of risks for corruption-related behaviour in public procurement through original “red-flags” indicators, based on linked “big data”. The pilot covers three economic sectors – ···