Monitoring report

SCEMAPS: Monitoring Anti-Corruption Policy Implementation in High-Risk Sectors

Benchmarking Reports of Nine Public Organisations in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain The report summarises the results from the assessment of the anti-corruption policy implementation in nine public organisations, that exert governance, regulatory or control functions in three preselected economic sectors (construction, wholesale of fuels, and wholesale of pharmaceuticals) in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain. ···

SCEMAPS Newsletter 4: SceMaps provides big-data analysis to uncover potential corrupt behaviour in public procurement

SceMaps makes its assessments by combining ‘red flags’, each of which indicates a risk situation which might be the result of possible corruption or conflict of interests. SceMaps’ big-data analyses were designed to demonstrate that real-time risk assessment is possible, by implementing red flags obtained throughout the tendering process, and integrating these into countries’ e-procurement ···

Annual policy report

2021 annual report: The Fog of Governance. How Romania fails in using big data for modern policy processes

In Romania, the public administration produces valuable data, but it is lost because no one collects it to monitor and improve public policy processes. For example, during the pandemic, the police applied sanctions, but we do not know exactly to whom and for what, because there was no interest in keeping a detailed record. This ···

FiecareVot: Preliminary report on the monitoring campaign of the 2020 parliamentary elections

  The parliamentary elections were a competitive process, with multiple electoral options. The authorities organized the process efficiently, but several key regulations were published late and were not communicated effectively. Although the authorities’ efforts to give quarantined and isolated voters the opportunity to vote were more visible than in the local elections, electoral legislation has ···