We ask for urgent action for a fairly organized referendum: the introduction of SIMPV used at the Parliamentary elections

Several non-governmental organizations asked today the Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă to elaborate an emergency ordinance for the introduction of the Electronic System for Voting Monitoring and Prevention of Illegal Voting (SIMPV) for the Constitutional referendum on the 6th and 7th of October. We have also drew the attention to the many issues raised by the legislation ···

FiecareVot: Preliminary Conclusions of the Observation Mission for the 6-7 October Referendum on Redefining the Notion of Family in the Constitution of Romania

FiecareVot (EveryVote) Coalition (FVC) observed the constitutional referendum organized by the Romanian Government on 6th and 7th October 2018 aiming to redefine the notion of family in the national constitution. FVC deployed 841 independent observers, both in Romania and abroad. During the 2 days of voting, hundreds of irregularities were identified and reported through the ···

Arguments beyond populism

There can be no Constitutional referendum in October or November, in Romania

The PSD-ALDE government uses the controversial referendum to amend the Constitution as a permanent populist instrument for electoral campaigning that constantly stirs the spirits. The party leaders have successfully leveraged the subject and threatened on several occasions that they would hold the referendum. Law 3/2000, which regulates the organization of the referendum, has been a ···

Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova

National Energy Regulators: A Comparative Assessment

The following report analyzes the capacity (governance and performance) of energy (gas and electricity) regulators in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine and “benchmarks” them to the Romanian energy regulator. Energy regulators in countries that follow EU’s Energy Directives of the Third Energy Package – EU members, as well as members of the Energy Community and countries ···