Of course we do: arguments from the real economy

Do we still need an agreement with the IMF?

10554073-Copy2-200x130More and more public commentators say there is no need to sign a new agreement with the IMF. Most recently, even the president of the Senate, Crin Antonescu, reasserted these days the PNL position from 2006-2008, namely that Romania does not need assistance from international partners such as the IMF, which brings austerity and hampers “development”. As the IMF never enters into contradictory debates with politicians or with political analysts with a hidden agenda, it is always subject to blame as a national scapegoat for unpopular but necessary measures. EFOR brings to the fore a few arguments which stress the benefits of the agreements. Criticising IMF, not only in Romania, is usually done using stereotypes and fabricated stories, with the aim to protect both a political class incapable of reforming the administration and different social actors, which are complaining privately for the wrongdoings of the government while supporting it publicly. In this report (Romanian only), EFOR gives you names and examples.

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