EFOR’s anti-corruption initiatives

Trainings on FOIA for the Croatian NGO workers and public officials

With the support of the UK Embassy in Zagreb, EFOR has setup and implemented a series of trainings for the NGO workers and public officials in Croatia on free access to public information and produced a guidebook with instructions and good practice for using FOIA for the beneficiaries.

The project included an analysis of the legal environment allowing NGOs to access information held by public institutions, identify the suitable organizations and organize five trainings for the beneficiaries, in cooperation with the Data Protection Agency. The second phase of the project aimed at discussing with relevant NGOs about the most frequent bottle-necks in the process of access to public information and preparing and distributing a set of guidelines for the NGOs, in consultation with the Data Protection Agency.

Initiative for a Clean Justice

In collaboration with the US Embassy (- Democracy Grants) and INL, EFOR organizes between May 2012 and March 2013 seminaries on “white collar crimes” and communication of the judiciary with the media. During the project, EFOR will produce two policy briefs.

Integrity in Romania, Moldova and Croatia

EFOR coordinates a cross boarder analysis on conflict of interests, incompatibilities and assets declaration in the three countries. The study, financed by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Finnish Embassy in Moldova aims to research the impact of the accession or negotiation to access to the EU from the perspective of the public policies on conflict of interests and incompatibilities.

Controlling criminality in the procurement area

The project, coordinated by Freedom House initiative aims at promoting experience exchanges for trainers, experts and management from public institutions in Romania and other European states, implementing trainings for magistrates and operative officers and producing operational guidebooks and involves legislative and executive institutions, civil society organizations, international partners.

EFOR was part of a project, implemented by General Anticorruption Directorate that aimed at developing the involvement of the civil society in drafting, implementing and assessing anticorruption policies.

Expert Forum was partner for Summer Academy Freiburg (31 August – 3 September 2012) with the topic “Dynamics of institutional change under EU’s toolkit of conditionality. Judicial reform and fighting corruption in Eastern Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey”. EFOR experts were invited to be part of the panels.

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