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Good governance community: a think tank opened to the public

policy2There are few published public policy analyses that are relevant, independent and available to public opinion, and authorities decisions are often ad hoc, in spite of receiving free consultancy. Where they exist, analyses are oriented towards domains of public policy that are within the interest and expertise area of think tank members. Thus, the project Good governance community: a think tank open to the public analyses and monitors 6 domains of public policies, publishes the results and communicates through innovative instruments with the general public and decision makers, domains established through consulting and contributions of a community of stakeholders (companies and individuals) and general public. Thereby EFOR’s activity is reoriented to areas as relevant as possible to the public and the foundations for a subsequently sustainable funding are set, post-donors, stakeholders examining public policies.

The goal of the project targets the analysis and proposal of alternative public policies in 6 domains (public budgets; energy; and 4 other domains to be set together with two groups of stakeholders – companies and individuals); establishing a community of supporters of good governance; also introducing new instruments to promote and raise public awarness of the general public and representatives of the Government to the public policy issues that this community encounters.

The project’s objectives are:

  1. Promoting among general public and decision makers public policies solutions formulated and openly debated during the project timeline regarding 6 sectors (energy / corporative governance of state owned companies; public budgets / transparency of budgetary transfers and 4 sectors to be determined through consultations with two groups of stakeholders);
  2. Building a community of stakeholders that support good governance and establishing future priorities of strategic orientation for the organization with support from the stakeholders community, to answer real public policy priorities in Romania
  3. Constructing new promoting instruments that are adequate and innovative for communication and dialogue of public policy with the general public and public policy makers, through analyzing the best European practices fitted to public policy topics proposed by stakeholders
  4. Attaining an impact analysis regarding ways of communicating the public policies from the project, analysis necessary for the organization to be able to better plan future public communications activities (in terms of cost-efficiency, expected impact of different channels, lessons learned)

In this respect, EFOR will release an analysis and prognosis report on relevant subjects for the early part of 2014, will organize focus groups with the interested parties to identify topics of interest to analyse public policies, will elaborate a draft for “receipts of good governance”, will release to the public the updated “clientelism map” and will finalize discussions with interested parties within a workshop. During the project, EFOR will release no less than six public policy reports, and finally will launch an impact report for analysis, promoting alternative public policies and recommendations in the 6 domains analyzed.

The project’s target group is:

– 20 companies and professional associations will participate by direct consulting to identify 2 public policy topics of common interest with EFOR in which public policies analyses will be produced and will promote alternative solutions

– 30 individuals with an involved citizen profile will participate through direct consulting to identify 2 public policy topics of common interest with EFOR, in which EFOR will analyze public policies and will promote alternative solutions, and 300 individuals addressed online will be consulted regarding the relevance of public policies proposed

– at least 60 young people present in total at 2 non-formal events

– at least 300 people, key stakeholders in the areas of the 6 public policy sectors, will be informed regarding the public policy proposals and publicly supporting it.

– Information will be disseminated online in a sustained manner, therefore the indirect public is estimated to be at least 75.000 individuals.

The project will be implemented between April 2014 and May 2015.


The project is financed through SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, within ONG Fund in Romania.



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