The secret Ordinance for the "security of supply" blasts the energy market

How the Government sticks the finger in the socket

socketfingersIn a renewed effort to keep inefficient power plants going, the government issued an Ordinance which simply blows up the whole energy market. Shrewdly disguised as a matter of “security of electricity supply” (a “strategic” objective, of course), the Ordinance does nothing to help system security, but allows bankrupt power plants to survive together with their parasite suppliers and clients. For two years, the plants from Hunedoara and Oltenia would no longer fear the market; neither should we hope that the liberalization would lower prices, as long as we are about to pay from our own pockets the costs of inefficiency and corruption. On how the Government protects both Hunedoara and Oltenia from competitors and discourages new investments, in our latest Policy brief 22 (Romanian only).

We hope the Competition Council would have some say in this matter.



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