Kennedy Academy for Students 2018


Expert Forum has joined  the American Councils for International Education in Romania to bring you  Kennedy Academy for Students, a program which seeks to empower 20 young Romanian student NGO leaders aged 18-26 to better lead their organizations, increase their English language ability, learn more about U.S. democratic values, and gain the necessary life-long tools to engage in civic activism and social responsibility.



Despite the spectacular ascent of the Romanian student-run NGO sector after the collapse of Communism and the victory of students’ rights, the environment in which student-run NGOs exist in Romania is still divided and institutionally weak, with many of the NGOs leaders lacking concrete leadership skills.

The Kennedy Academy is designed to increase the leadership skills of student serving as NGO board members and to cultivate additional skills, such as critical thinking, public speaking, team building, community building and goal setting. Due to active learning, participants will experience everything directly: they will take part in interactive workshops and simulations in English, they will speak with experts, they will visit key-institutions in Romania, and they will interact with change-makers.

At the end of the program, participants will get the chance to share their new knowledge and leadership skills with fellow students, colleagues, teachers, and others, and to initiate positive change upon their return home through follow-up activities in their NGOs, universities, host and home communities and beyond these.


 The Academy aims to attract 20 young Romanian students aged 18-26, from both urban and rural areas, who are enrolled in bachelor, master or PhD studies and who are active members or leaders in student associations or student-run NGOs.   


  •  August, 13 – 31, 2018: Registration
  • September, 1 – 10, 2018: Evaluation of applications
  • September, 10 – 15, 2018: Notification and final results
  • October, 18 – 21, 2018: Kennedy Seminar (CCSS Tei)
  • November, 1 – 30, 2018: Implementation of follow-on activities



The Academy is a mixture of workshops, speeches, discussions and institutional visits, all connected to democracy, community building and active citizenship. Workshops will be delivered by Expert Forum and American Councils experts and various other speakers from the  US Embassy and other Romanian NGOs and public institutions will be invited. All participants are expected to organize a follow-on activity after attending the Kennedy Academy for Students, in order to better disseminate the knowledge acquired through the program. Funds are not provided for follow-ons, but logistics and content support will be offered, where possible.


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