Raportul EFOR despre propaganda FIDESZ este citat în analize internaționale

„New research indicates that the Hungarian government is succeeding in leveraging social media to sell its illiberal messages among diaspora communities.

Ethnic Hungarians living in neighboring countries face discrimination. They suffer in Romania, a failed state plagued by poor public services and political instability. They struggle in Slovakia and the EU’s liberal elites offer little protection. The legacy of Trianon, the 1920 treaty that stripped Hungary of two-thirds of its territory and population, must be condemned.

Victor Orban’s nationalist Hungarian government spreads these poisonous messages through conventional media – and above all, through Facebook, according to the International Republican Institute’s Beacon Project. The narratives are destabilizing. They “have the potential to polarize society but also to radicalize members of the minority community,” researchers conclude.”

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Raportul EFOR despre propaganda FIDESZ în Ardeal a fost realizat în cadrul proiectului Against Propaganda for Authoritarian Development (A-PAD) sustinut de grant al US Department of State, si cu ajutorul Beacon Project.

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