Here are the new Romanian ministers

How would a decent cabinet look like, given the election results? I mean, not ideal, but realistic, the least bad under the circumstances? EFOR has tried its hand and here is what we found. Waiting for your comments and suggestions if you have better ideas. Note: we believe in small cabinets and culled substantially the number of ministries; 14 should be enough. Frankly, it was very difficult to fill in even these with reasonable people, we had to hold our breath in a few places.

  1. PM/ premier:                                                 Mihai Tanasescu
  2. Internal affairs-administration:                 Ilie Bolojan
  3. Finance:                                                           Liviu Voinea
  4. Justice:                                                             Toni Grebla
  5. Economy, business environment:              Constantin Nita
  6. Regional development-EU funds:              Calin Popescu Tariceanu / Eugen Teodorovici
  7. Health / sanatate:                                          Raed Arafat
  8. Transportation:                                               Septimiu Buzasu
  9. Environment / Mediu:                                   Atilla Korodi
  10. Foreign affairs / Externe:                              Titus Corlatean / Bogdan Aurescu
  11. Education:                                                        Ana Birchall
  12. Labor / Munca:                                               Mariana Campeanu
  13. Culture:                                                             Vasile Dancu
  14. Agri-culture:                                                     Valer Steriu
  15. Defence / Aparare:                                         Gabriel Oprea

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