The Romanian case

Conflicts of interests and incompatibilities in South-Eastern Europe. The Romanian case

UPDATE: EFOR organized a debate about conflicts of interests and incompatibilities, legal issues and practical difficulties and instruments for increasing the degree of public integrity in together with Horia Georgescu, President, National Integrity Agency, Andrei Chiliman, Mayor of the First District, Bucharest, Dan Darabont, Vicemayor of Bucharest, Cornel Călinescu, Director, Ministry of Justice, representatives of ···

December 5, Press Club, Brussels

Clientelism in politics and administration: Conflicts of interest and preferential allocations of resources. UPDATE: Presentations

We organized a debate on a list of sensitive topics related to the quality of governance in nowadays Europe: current trends in strengthening rules of ethics in the administration; and how to assess political corruption with objective indicators. Our results come from two pilot projects carried out in four countries (Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia). We believe our conclusions are ···