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Kremlin’s Wars in the Gray Zone and Beyond

Conversation with Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov, Ukrainian disinformation expert at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute

15th of March 2024

Expert Forum (EFOR) and Romanian Diplomatic Institute (IDR) organized a public debate featuring  Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov, an internationally-renowned author of solid research on European radical politics and its ties to Russia.

After ten years of war in Ukraine and two years of full scale invasion, Putin’s hope for 2024 is that the West will be increasingly divided, distracted and confused, which would result in less effective military, economic and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine. An unprecedented number of elections are expected in the EU and US in 2024. Malign Russian influence operations, a powerful political weapon to increase social polarization and undermine democratic institutions in the West, are expected to be significantly scaled up this year. If unchecked, Kremlin disinformation and propaganda may be instrumental in bringing in power radical politicians and parties in the West, aligned with Kremlin’s agenda.

What lessons can be learned from the Russian propaganda in Europe and elsewhere in recent years? How can the West – international alliances and institutions, governments, civil society – best respond to the new challenges, both to defend democracy and rule of law at home and to enhance its support for Ukraine? We seek the answers to these questions in a structured conversation with our distinguished guest.

See full transcript here and highlights of the conference in this video.

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