State Capture Estimation and Monitoring of Anti-Corruption Policies at the Sectoral level (SCEMAPS)

SceMaps is designed to contribute to the fight against corruption in the EU by delivering impact on multiple levels and providing for long-term sustainability. The project aims at tackling anti-corruption deficiencies in high-risk EU member states (MSs) by developing and implementing an integrated risk assessment tool for estimating state capture and monitoring of anti-corruption policies at the sectoral level (SceMaps). SceMaps addresses the most serious corruption threat – state capture, by assessing high-risk economic sectors though a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, big data analysis and media content alert system. Designed for easy replication and take-up by EU MSs’ public administrations, SceMaps will allow EU authorities to build evolving, risk-responsive instruments to assess and tackle corruption and capture risks in regulatory heavy areas and industries, such as public procurement, pharmaceuticals (healthcare), and construction.

The action will develop and implement an integrated tool based on:

(a) Assessment of state capture risks on sectoral level
(b) Evaluation of the enforceability and impact of anti-corruption measures and policies on the level of individual public institutions, relevant to the identified high-risk economic sectors
(c) Integration of cross-sectional big data analysis
(d) Development of a publicly accessible web-based platform with interactive analytics and company/institutional profiling and media content alert system.

The consortium will develop blueprint for best practices implementation and data exchange for civil society oversight and will conduct a training module on methodological development and implementation for civil society organisations. Public-private dialogue on EU level will be ensured by effective project design, outreach and dissemination, targeting civil society, researchers, public institutions, business associations and EU and national decision-making bodies as main beneficiaries of the action.


Partners: Center for Study of Democracy (Bulgaria), Expert Forum (Romania), Fundacion Ciudadana Civio (Spain), Universita degli Studi di Trento (Italy)

Project financed by the European Commission.

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