Emergency for the authorities

The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania

Caught between regulations interpreted inconsistently across the territory, difficult access to services and institutions which are inefficient even for the Romanian citizens, the Ukrainian refugees struggle to cope with change and are worried about what is coming after September. The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania. EFOR summarizes in this report the problems faced by ···

Context - Why do we care about politicians' communication online?

Wartime Populism – What are politicians’ priorities when they discuss Ukraine on social media?

Context – Why do we care about politicians’ communication online? The National Coalition for Romania came to power about 3 months before Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, controversial legislation that led to democratic setbacks has become common. Support for Ukraine has seemed to be the coalition’s only indisputable position.Externally, Romania is a reliable partner of ···

Annual report

2023 annual report: One year of fighting. Lessons for the EU from Ukraine’s resilience and the energy sector

Ukraine’s resilience and the renewed sense of purpose in the liberal West With a winter milder than usual and almost over, a new sense of unity and confidence is visible these days in what Putin and his propagandists call “the collective West”. There is a relative stabilization on the energy markets after a very turbulent ···

Reform or the return of old habits from the pre-accession period?

The new justice laws as adopted by the Parliament

In September 2022, EFOR analysed the draft justice laws as adopted by the Romanian Government at the end of August and identified the most problematic provisions. EFOR concluded then that aside from not solving the problems generated by the 2017-2018 justice reforms, the draft laws return the justice system to pre-accession standards. On the 17th ···