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Transparency in the Energy Sector: Are We Prepared for the Winter Crisis?

Together with our colleagues from Dixi Group Ukraine, Watchdog.MD Moldova and World Experience for Georgia, Expert Forum participated in a comparative study on the transparency in the energy sector, as of 2021. One of the goals was to see to what extent EU membership contributes significantly or not for good governance in the sector, compared to states where the EU has less leverage, although theoretically they also comply with the acquis communautaire. The results of the analysis are quite surprising. If in some areas, e.g. where we already have a developed market, Romania could be a model of good practice, in others, especially on performance of the public authorities, the legislative and regulatory practices and processes, the preparation of energy security strategies and plans, Romania even lags a little behind our neighbors.

The comparative report on the 4 countries is available here in full.

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You can also read here the comments of the experts involved in the project on the main issues in each country.

The successive crises of 2022 – the war in Ukraine, the risks of gas supply interruptions across the EU, the problems of affordability of energy prices for consumers, but also the European response to them – the REPower EU plan – require a qualitative leap ahead in the way institutions work. Are we Prepared? Where are we in terms of decision-making transparency and governance quality this year? How prepared are we with updated, operational energy security plans for the looming winter crisis? How prepared is the energy sector – both the authorities and the business environment – as a whole to face an unprecedented crisis?
We covered all these topics on July 18, 10.00-12.00, on Zoom in webinar format, in an event moderated by Otilia Nuțu, together with:
– Zoltan Nagy-Bege, vice president, National Regulatory Authority for Energy – ANRE
– Niculae Havrileț, former secretary of state Ministry of Energy, member of OMV Petrom board, vice-president of CNR-CME
– Corina Murafa, member of the Economic and Social Committee
– Daniela Dărăban, executive director, Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies – ACUE
– Ana Maria Icătoiu, vice president, Organization of Women Entrepreneurs OFA – UGIR
– Eugenia Gușilov, president of Romania Energy Center ROEC
– Mihai Mereuță, president, League of Associations of Habitat Owners

You can watch the full recording of the debate here.


This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of “Strengthening transparency of the energy sector in the Black Sea region” project.
The project is implemented by DiXi Group (Ukraine) in cooperation with Watchog.MD (Moldova), World Experience for Georgia (Georgia), Expert Forum (Romania).
Its contents are the sole responsibility of Dixi Group and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.
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