EFOR organizes the conference “Fight against fraud and EU Common Market. Joint public procurement monitoring – Croatia and Romania” in Brussels

Partnership for Social Development and Expert Forum will organize the conference FIGHT AGAINST FRAUD AND EU COMMON MARKET. JOINT PUBLIC PROCUREMENT MONITORING – CROATIA AND ROMANIA,  on Wednesday, 28th May 2014, at PRESS CLUB BRUSSELS EUROPE, 95 Rue Froissart – 1040 Bruxelles. The event is part of the project Cross-Country Legal and Institutional Framework for ···

EFOR organizes the conference “Anti-fraud Measures in Public Procurement in the EU Single Market – Legal, Institutional and Technical Solutions”

EFOR and Partnership for Social Development will organize the conference Anti-fraud Measures in Public Procurement in the EU Single Market – Legal, Institutional and Technical Solutions, on Friday, 28th March 2014, at Minerva Hotel, 2-4 G-ral. Gheorghe Manu Str., 1st District, Bucharest. The event will be organized at the same time in Croatia (Zagreb) and ···

EFOR releases the 2014 policy report: The costs of the non-Occidental strategy. An evaluation of rule of law and economy

2013 ended as the previous year prefigured: with a major side-slip on justice and rule of law, determined by the political factors. The good news, if there are some, is that until now the institutions have resisted the assault led by an unbalanced political environment, without any efficient parliamentary opposition. The external political signals suggest ···

Monday, March 11, at 13.30, Faculty of Political Sciences (str Traian Moşoiu 71)

Romanian Clientelism Map – now in Cluj

We discussed about cronyism in local government funding allocations and investments in Cluj, at the headquarters of localism, with the former chief negotiator Puscas and academics from UBB. We also spoke about Europeanism and about the determinants of corruption, which are mostly cultural and institutional. All local (remaining) media was present, and in the evening ···

Conference, Tuesday February 19, 10:00, Hilton, Regina Maria hall

The map of Romanian clientelism: transfers to counties and municipalities, 2004-2011

(Trailer for conference) Download EFOR’s Annual Report 2013 here.  Neither the amendment of the Constitution, nor the regionalization, nor any further amendment of the electoral system will change the way how the Romanian state works. Its problems lay elsewhere and must be tackled by their cause, not with palliatives that are time and energy consuming. ···

December 5, Press Club, Brussels

Clientelism in politics and administration: Conflicts of interest and preferential allocations of resources. UPDATE: Presentations

We organized a debate on a list of sensitive topics related to the quality of governance in nowadays Europe: current trends in strengthening rules of ethics in the administration; and how to assess political corruption with objective indicators. Our results come from two pilot projects carried out in four countries (Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia). We believe our conclusions are ···