Working Paper

Foregone Opportunities: How Romanian State-Owned Companies Burden Public Budgets

Despite 25 years of reforms towards a market economy, the Romanian public sector companies remain a major fiscal and economic burden. When poorly governed, such companies distort the competition in various markets. They may purchase overpriced supplies or sell goods and services at below market prices, in contracts concluded non-competitively with preferential partners. By such deals, ···

EFOR annual analysis and prognosis report

EFOR annual report: political errors from 2014; what is to be done

The economic forecast for 2015

The experts consulted by us concluded that in 2015 the economic growth remains modest, as modest as the economy of EU partners allows it. Cutting the investments was the biggest mistake of the past year. At the same time, the instability of the fiscal policy is also to be blamed, which was conducted in a dilettante manner, with tax increases insufficiently explained in the first part of year, and a shock cut of CAS that was strongly motivated by the elections in the second part that is now creating problems.